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“Noppagao” resounds with ideas close to every Thai heart. The word is special in part because it includes “gao”, meaning nine, which has long been regarded as the luckiest of all lucky numbers.

At the same time, “noppagao” represents nine gems, each associated with a unique benefit or blessing. These precious stones feature in the insignia of the Kingdom’s highest order, established by King Rama IV more than a century and a half ago.

In keeping with this heritage, our menu celebrates the culinary arts of Thai tradition. Sadly, these have declined, even as our national cuisine has gained popularity around the globe. We are intent on reviving those traditions.

ere is the fragrant and sensuous fare cooked by humble Thais of past generations, their methods of preparation handed down through the ages. Here, too, are classic and luxurious recipes once exclusive to noble families, as well as signature dishes from the four principal regions of the kingdom. Only the original ingredients are used, with home-grown produce alongside organic products from our associated farm in Sukhothai and other local suppliers.

The authenticity of our name and menus reflects the experience we seek for our guests - and the Welcome we offer.

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